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Tour 2007 AUS/NZ: Video Clips

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Ten News Brisbane Australia

The War of The Worlds TV special on Ten News Brisbane, September 2007 featuring Shannon Noll, Rachel Beck, Michael Falzon, Jeff and Damian Collier.

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Set-up Perth Burswood Dome

Set-up on September 8, 2007 at the Perth Burswood Dome, before the first performance of TWOTW's Down Under Tour through Australia and New Zealand.

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Shannon & Rachael Rehearsal

Shannon Noll (Parson Nathaniel) and Rachael Beck (Beth) rehearsing 'The Spirit of Man', Perth Burswood Dome, September 8, 2007.

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Michael Falzon Rehearsal Perth

Michael Falzon (The Artilleryman) rehearsing 'Brave New World' before first performance at the Perth Burswood Dome, September 8, 2007.

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TWOTW Media Launch featuring Michael Chugg, May 2007 Melbourne

Michael Chugg of Chugg Entertainment (Australian promoter for The War of The Worlds) announces TWOTW is coming 'Down Under' at media launch, Melbourne, May, 2007.

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Jeff in front of Rod Laver Arena demonstrating the 'perfect' forehand

Jeff demonstrating the 'perfect' forehand in front of The Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, May 2007. Note Jeff takes a bow although none who were watching were applauding!

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